Welcome to the 2025 Student-View Scholarship!
Congratulations to the 2024 Student-View Scholarship Winners
 $10,000 Madison S. Butte High School Montana
 $1,000 Corbyn T. Jesuit High School Louisiana
 $1,000 Kenley S. Pine Grove Area High School Pennsylvania
 $500 Camryn F. Northwest High School Maryland
 $500 Ava C. Lowell High School Massachusetts
 $500 Trevor O. Show Low High School Arizona
 $ 500 Ethan A. Signal Mountain Middle High School Tennessee
 $500 John S. North Andover High School Massachusetts
 $500 La'Nate D. Midfield High School Alabama
 $500 Alexis S. Pueblo Central High School Colorado
 $500 Amias E. Herron High School Indiana
 $500 Janessa C. Colby High School Kansas
 $500 Sienna H. Michigan
 $500 Barry T. Ossining High Schools New York
 $500 Awane S. Vale High School School Oregon
 $500 Nia W. West Creek High School Tennessee
 $500 Joey J. Graham Kapowsin High School Washington

The Student-View Scholarship is a unique opportunity for high school seniors.
It is open to all students regardless of academic achievement or financial need.

We expect to offer the Student-View Scholarship again for
seniors graduating in 2025.

Yes, send me an email when the 2025 scholarship survey is available.


We will send you an e-mail when the next scholarship opportunity is available.
Your privacy is important to us and your information will not be shared.


scholarships for seniors
It is exceptionally easy to apply:

* NO minimum SAT or ACT score
* NO minimum grade point average
* NO lengthy, time-consuming paperwork
* NO essays
* NO application fees

Simply complete a 15-25 minute online survey about local colleges. You will then be automatically entered into a random drawing for a scholarship award.

The Student-View Scholarship is a unique opportunity for high school seniors.
It is open to all students regardless of academic achievement or financial need.

Thank you for your interest in the Student-View scholarship programs.
We appreciate all students who take the time to apply and wish them great success in college and beyond.

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Thank you for your interest in the Student-View scholarship programs.

The Student-View Scholarship is sponsored by Student Insights, a firm providing market information to colleges and universities. For more information about Student Insights, go to www.studentinsights.com.

Hear What Our Scholarhsip
Winners Have to Say

"The Student-View Scholarship application was easy and quick. This scholarship will take some of the burden off my academic financing. I thank Student Insights for helping me to succeed in my college career."Andrew D.
Butler High School


"I applied to this scholarship because I wanted to do as many scholarships I could. The process was really easy and I am so happy I applied. Being able to fill out a survey on colleges in my state to get scholarship money toward college is incredible." 
Sadia F.
Ocean City High School
New Jersey

"The Student Insights scholarship program was very straight-forward and easy to do mainly all that was asked was your opinion. Most scholarships want essays and your test scores or transcripts, but this scholarship was a survey. The survey was very easy to follow and you had a choice to directly give colleges feedback about their processes. I really liked the survey and I believe it was a great use on my time."
Christina T.
Rich Central High School

"I learned of the Student-View Scholarship program offer through my high school counselor. I admit I was not familiar with this particular opportunity prior to her recommendation. She encouraged me to apply, so I did. It was a very simple process. I am glad I took her advice. I will certainly put the award to good use as I pursue a degree in engineering. Thank you for this opportunity!"
Jared A.
Woodland High School

"I applied to this scholarship because I saw it as an opportunity to minimize some of the costs of college. As a high school senior I was really busy throughout the year and the application process was simple and quick so it was truly an ideal scholarship. The scholarship will help me and my family whether it goes towards books or tuition. It is such a blessing to receive this scholarship."
Kayla C.
Hillsborough High School

"I am truly grateful for my participation in the Student-View Scholarship contest. It was one of the easiest applications to complete because it centered on my opinions as a student. Student Insights gave me not only a scholarship to further my education, but an opportunity to have my opinions heard. It is an amazing program that serves as a resource for both colleges and students – offering information to college and opportunities to students"
Jennifer L.
Franklin High School

"I consider it a privilege to be a recipient of a scholarship from the Student View Scholarship Program.  I applied for this scholarship because I desire to further my education beyond high school.  My impression of the application process is positive.  The application was convenient in that I could complete it online.  The directions and questions were clear and easy to understand."
Christian C.
Laurens District 55 High School
South Carolinia

"When I heard of the Student View Scholarship, I was very happy to provide my information about local colleges. The process was very efficient, user-friendly, and easy. This scholarship is going to help me find more opportunities and will help me to build my future with my education."
Melanie G.
Sprayberry High School

"I am very glad I applied to the Student-View Scholarship program because it is a simple way to help cover college expenses. I liked that I was able to share my opinions about colleges in my area in such a straightforward format. I think it is important that students take the time to fill out surveys like this to make the college admissions process easier for others."
Allison L.
Bridgewater-Raritan High School
New Jersey

"The Student-View Scholarship took the least amount of time to complete out of all the scholarships I applied for, It was fast, easy and completely on-line. The sharing of information from students colleges, and universities is refreshing. It was a great opportunity for me to share my views and opinions. You cannot afford not to apply for the Student-View Scholarship!"
Andew B.
Walkersville High School

"My counselor contacted me about the scholarship opportunity and as I am attempting to cover left over loans in my financial package I decided to apply. The application process was fairly easy as the format was direct and easy to understand. This scholarship will benefit me in helping to cover my college expenses and more directly go towards my room and board costs."
Jalyn D.
Southwest Guilford High School
North Carolina

"I applied to this scholarship because I want to give back to my parents by paying my own way through college. The application process for the Student-View Scholarship is quick and easy as it is information about colleges in a student's local area. Thank you for investing in my education so that I can make a difference."
Jessica C.
North Hardin High School

"I applied to this scholarship because I have been to many local colleges, so I thought it would be easy to provide my honest opinion about them all. I really enjoyed participating in this scholarship because it was simple to do, as well as, fun. This scholarship is going to help me pay for my books and tuition, so I am able to put the money I make from work into a savings account for a rainy day."
Kayla E.
Coopersville High School

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to pursue my college education. Receiving this scholarship from your organization will assist in the overall cost of my education. The Student-View Scholarship was one of the easiest and simplest scholarship that I applied for and it only took approximately 10 minutes of my time."
Courtlyn P.
Palm Beach Lakes High School